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[ooc] How's My Driving?

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[ooc] Character relations

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character relationsCollapse )


[The feeling of seeing the town of Mayfield again after being stuck in that hellish place everyone was calling "Westport" is a feeling he never thought he could experience.

But now, he is most certainly back to wishing he was back home in Europe.]

Something's up with that noise, no matter how I look at it.

Everyone remember to hold true, in whatever waits for us ahead. Believe in those you trust. Never stop believing in them. It is impossible to predict what might happen, but in all my time here, I've learned that that is the most important thing you can hold to.

I am still holding early-morning training exercises in the park at 7:30am. Anyone is welcome to join in a fifteen-minute workout, accompanied with various character-building exercises.

[Filter to 772 Bunker street]

I still haven't obtained more ammunition for my rifle, but I have enough to make a difference. I will protect you all to the best of my abilities. Don't be afraid.

[Filter to Austria, Prussia, Italy, Romana, Tiffany, England, Japan, and America]

I wish to speak with you, before anything happens. I have decided to treat each day here as a gift, for no one knows what might happen tomorrow; as such, openness is the best policy.

[[ OOC: He might have a question for you, or a confession; it might be insignificant, or rather significant. Tag and find out? 8) ]]

Achtundzwanzig [action]

[[ooc: Backdated to a short time (within a day or two?) after Prussia's entry inquiring about the status of Germany's purity.]]

[The book collection of German literature he regained was nice. The white flag that Italy made for him made him stop and ponder silently. The third regain was an empty box. Germany understood why it was empty the instant he discovered it, however.

Strength, wholeness, had returned to his form.

But that was earlier that day.]

- - -

[772 Bunker street is on their own for dinner, tonight; perhaps Liechtenstein can take care of cooking and cleaning in his stead? Tonight, Germany needs to go visit his dearest older brother, Prussia. Calling them ahead of time, he drives over to 456 Stone street without any leftovers this time, and knocks before entering.

Some time passes.

We're not sure what happened in between, but suddenly there appear to be two shirtless lads rolling around in a muddy rain-socked lawn on Stone street, today.]

[[OOC: feel free to watch/interfere/shout encouragement! posting order will be you-->germany-->prussia. aaand maybe I'll update the post after we've figured out what the conclusion of the fight is so you can tag either of them then!! they'll probably just end up panting on the ground shirtless...y-yeah... ]]


[Every time Germany visits that verdammt meat shop and tries to buy his verdammt sausage links from that verdammt British clerk... Thank god he at least has one of his favorite kinds of cuisine to look forward to after the ordeal of listening to endless prattling on "what goes inside of sausages". Of course he knows such a thing!

He serves up dinner at 772 Bunker street as he does many days, not minding if not everyone shows up for the meal; people have their various schedules to keep, and friends to visit. If you had some, as Germany did, however, you may find youself...


Why do I feel . . .

[What's going on, where is this.]

. . . ?

[A little blonde boy is wandering around the house... and then just outside the house, maybe... h-he's not afraid or anything... Though, he does seem very very hesitant to speak to anyone. Necessity motivates him, eventually.]

M...My name is Ludwig. I'm looking for Bru-- ...Prussia. Have you seen him?

((ooc: Replies will be with biglikebruder! Germany is now a boy named Ludwig, the promise of a nation that will become Germany later in 1871. Right now he doesn't know what year it is so don't ask, but it's the early 19th century pretty much.))


I was not brainwashed, nor given anything dangerous for Christmas. I am truly grateful for my luck.

As for these ballots... In my experience here in Mayfield, nothing that the town provides for us can be trusted. Do not vote.

...I understand if you do vote, however. I would appreciate if acquaintances notify me which they voted, so that I might keep track. Once the polls close, I am certain we can expect consequences specific for which choice was made. Knowing what you voted ahead of time will assist me in confirming your fates should communications breakdown.

I repeat what I said before Christmas: don't let them control you. Believe in yourselves, and your friends.

Training exercises in the park were on hiatus for Christmas day and the week following, but I've re-started. 7:30am every day but Sunday.

I can still send out my brief summary of events in Mayfield to anyone who wishes to have a copy. Reply with your home address and it will be delivered as soon as possible. Those wishing to keep their addresses private may ask to pick it up at 772 Bunker street's mailbox.

[Filter to 772 Bunker street]Collapse )

(( ooc: I'm still backtagging lots of threads for the Christmas event, so if you could keep this post to largely about the voting and the dog and stuff until your character's thread with Germany from before seems like we can assume how it ends, then that'd be cool!! I JUST WANTED TO POST ABOUT THE DOG, MOSTLY lol ))

Fünfundzwanzig [Action]

[Ever since the flood of distressed and appalled calls began Christmas morning, Germany threw aside the psychological warfare he found under the Christmas tree at his own home and took to the streets, checking in on many of his friends in person. One of them hadn't answered their phone when he'd picked up their public call.

When he went to Johan's home, 504 Ricardo Street, he found out why.

A bellowing voice sounds out on Ricardo street, Germany kneeling next to the corpse in the front yard. He won't leave it, for fear that it'll disappear into thin air the moment he leaves it. Stranger things have happened.]




[Filter to Finland]

You're here in Mayfield, aren't you? I just saw something in the sky. That couldn't have been you, could it?


Something is coming, that much is clear. Newcomers who are confused about that radio broadcast, I have a list to share with all of you; it should help you with whatever is headed our way. Those who have been here through the worst, you know what to do.

Don't let them control you with scare tactics. Believe in yourselves, and your friends.

Morning training exercises will continue as scheduled until further notice. I had intended to take Saturday off, but should anything happen, we may hiatus for longer. Until then, let's continue to meet.

[Filter to the Kirkland house]

Please share the cake amongst yourselves. I had extra ingredients, and felt like experimenting some.

[What's he talking about? If someone checks the front porch, they'll find a double-layer German chocolate cake (with a dash of orange shavings covering the frosting) sitting on the welcome mat. This has absolutely nothing to do with Tiffany saving Italy from servitude and getting eaten by some random person a little ways back. Nothing at all.]


I've started up morning training exercises in the park. Previously, I held them later in the day, but I believe this time will fit more people's schedules. Every day but Sunday, 7:30am, fifteen minutes of work-out and crisis evaluation & response training. Because of the weather, we will meet under the covered area. All ages are welcome. Lateness will not be tolerated, as we must finish up soon enough for everyone to make it to work or school on time.

[[So far Sweden has joined him, and he's been holding these for the past two weeks actually; if you'd like, you can assume that Germany invited your character earlier and they've been attending for a little while already. Japan, Prussia, and Germany's not-family for example..]]

I have recently compiled a list of all of the strange happenings in Mayfield from the months of my stay that I can still remember. Once it's been more fine-tuned, I intend to distribute it publicly for the benefit of all captured here, that they may prepare themselves for any future dangers the town presents to us. If there exists anywhere a person who can help to supplement this information, I would appreciate your input.

Please reply with your address if you wish to receive a copy.

[In other news, Germany's been spending a lot of time away from the house lately. Following Italy around. Wondering why it's difficult to actually approach the kid...]

[Filter to Austria]

You wouldn't happen to have a book that explains "what to do when you encounter your good friend's past self and you can't get your courage up to say hello", would you?

[Filter to Prussia]

[looong pause] . . .

Would you be available this evening to...come over.

(( ooc: SORRY, I changed the time for the training exercises!! I was looking at the school hours for Mayfield wrong. :D; ))


[Filtered away from drones]

A week has passed since my...return.

I feel obliged to re-introduce myself to my fellow captives, so a short summary follows. I was first brought to the town of Mayfield approximately 17 months ago, amidst of sea of smiling, cheerful "drones" and confused people who shared the same fate as myself. There were some familiar faces, but it became clear that the strangers I came into contact with were not only from different places, but different times and entire universes as well. Seasons changed. My "son" Simon attempted time and again to break out of the town, but even his might and courage was not enough to drill out of this open-air prison. I am thus convinced that escape from this place is not possible through simple force. Still, I vowed not to give up, only to focus my efforts in research and observation of our captors.

Seasons changed.

. . . It was a difficult start to the year.

Around 7 1/2 months ago, for whatever reason, I was brainwashed, and now I have been restored back to normal. I still have the same job (if you need a mechanic, I am available with an appointment), and the items that were returned to me over time by our captors remain with me. I live in a new house with a new family, however.

Some of those strangers from before...have become strangers once again. Familiar faces who had grown to be as close as family have become acquaintances once again.

...That is all for now.

[Filtered to friends from before his dropbrainwashing]

I ran into Bruder-- Prussia, the other day. And Italy...

How long?


[MOMO had been droned for a week. So had Brud-- Teutonic Order. Even though April Fools' Day had thankfully come and gone, still no sign of change from either... These are the worries that Germany wakes up to, this morning of the 6th of April.

Some minutes after waking, however, it would appear that Mayfield has granted him a fresh NEW set of worries! And not just the crazy weather change in the middle of spring.]

I awoke this morning in the house next door. Upon realizing this, I immediately departed the premises to return home, but a strange drone with wavy black hair refused to allow me entry, claiming that I would be late for work if I did not hurry... I spotted Rider peeking out the curtains. She appeared to be droned we well.

Has anyone else run into a similar situation today? Perhaps we're to be juggled around between houses, now, until the "system" is fixed or what have you.

[Filter to MOMO]

...Are you there?

(( OOC: After researching like an obsessed maniac, I've confirmed that the current drones at 771 Bunker look like Ryo, Rider, Hitagi, & Envy. ..do i win a prize

also hope it's okay this is forward-dated to the day after Thanksgiving? ))


[Filter to N. Italy and S. Italy]

Buon Compleanno.

Please come by my house when you are available for some Apfel-Streuselkuchen. No, Romano, it is not poisoned, nor made of potatoes...

You are permitted to invite over any friends if you wish, exceeding no more than 5 in total.

(( ooc: really more of a place-marker for when Thia gets off hiatus and we can thread yaaaay or something, and Germany might come by puppy-Romano's place later - nagging me in this post is highly encouraged so that this happens, yes indeed ))




[ Germany came across the candy and immediately deduced their usage as a general fairly platonic Valentines' Day gift among children. So much less complicated than making chocolates that could be mistaken for the wrong kind! And these had such charming colors. Even though the sayings on them confused him, he sent them in the mail anyway. To many, many acquaintances. ]

[Private, unhackable]

The fact remains that I have no reason to really believe these feelings could ever be reciprocated. Best to continue on like normal... There wasn't anything wrong with things the way they were, anyway...

(( Germany sent a pouch of various candy hearts to Italy...except, it got lost. Somehow, S. Italy received the candy! OH NOES. Aside from that plan, Germany will be hand-delivering candies, too, to show how platonic and general his celebration of this holiday is, oh yes indeed! Tell me if you want Germany to give your character some candy and it will be done. We can still plot crap in the OOC comments if you want, too! ))


[Filter to Japan]

Happy Birthday. I'll bring your Baumkuchen later this evening.

[Filter to Rider]

I have something I need

need advise about.

(( ooc: o shi-- ))


[After he'd awoke in his house...]Collapse )

I don't know what to do. I cannot trust anything here any longer.

This place...is hell.Collapse )


There is nothing that I could say to...to those that..

*clunkityclunk phone hangs up*

(( OOC: Guess who remembered, uh, EVERYTHING. Also omg I wasn't around for some of the past events, like I missed out on much of the Election, but I hope Germany's being consistent with how F-ed everything has been 8D

He hasn't reunited with anyone in any threads anywhere yet, so feel free to come up and attack him, MOMO or Italy or anybody. He p-pretty much needs it. Also, he's changed back to his regular 50s clothing and put the uniform away somewhere. He might end up being a couch potato for a while after this, but it depends on how much emotional healing comes outta these threads XD SAVE THE HIKKIKOMORI GERMAN ))